New Student Movie Coming with Kickstart

Athens, GA—Filming movies in Athens has become popular. And now, several UGA graduates are filming their own movie here. The resources and funding are coming from a unique source. It is all done through a website that allows people to donate however much they wish to give. The movie is about a guy who works at a movie theater, inspiring the name “Stubs” as in ticket stubs.

Stubs- it’s the newest movie to be shot in Athens. And It started as a simple assignment in a screenwriting class, and has turned into something bigger. Much bigger.

“She gave it to me and said we’ve got to make this movie,” producer Zac Underwood says. “And i read it and got on board and then ball started rolling. And ever since then we’ve been working on it and making sure it’s going to happen.”

The director is the one who is responsible for taking this from a class project to something real.

“I had to put together how to make the movie, like a broad idea of it,” director Mckenzie Figueierido says. “And from there I decided we should go ahead and make the movie.”

And where exacly in athens will this movie take place?

“The movie takes place in a movie theatre so we are currently trying to find the best theatre and shoot there,” Zac added.

But before Zach and Mackenzie and the rest of the crew can start shooting at a movie theatre like this one, they are going to have to fund this project somehow. And theyre doing that through a company called kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a website for people who have a creative idea but no money to make it happen. People donate to projects that they find interesting.

If Stubs doesn’t reach their goal by the deadline, all the money donated will be refunded to the backers. And what if that happens to Zac and the crew? They have a backup plan.

The deadline for Stubs is April 19th, and unfortunately Cody, and they are keeping their fingers crossed on getting the money. They are about 9 thousand dollars short of their 11 thousand dollar goal. However, they actually have a percentage night at Always Baked downtown on April 9th from 5 to 12.

The shooting is set to begin in May.

If you want to contribute to Stubs, click here.


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