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Athens, Ga–

First up, the cardinals took home a national championship against the wolverines. Louisville lived up to their overall top seed ranking in the tournament–But they did have to work for it. And they worked especially hard for teammate Kevin Ware whose gruesome injury rings in all of our minds. The team warmed up in jerseys with Ware’s number–5–on the back. The victory means Coach Pitino has to come through on a promise he made to the team. Since they won the title he has to get a tattoo.

A six point three magnitude earthquake struck southern Iran on Tuesday.  The quake centered in Bushare, which is home to a nuclear plant. At least 3 people were killed and other casualties are expected. Fortunately, there is no damage at the plant. There were two after shocks and they were felt in United Arab Emiruts and in Ahbu Dhabi. Some businesses even sent their employees home for the day.

Caribou Coffee will be closing 80 stores across the U-S in the next week. These stores are underperforming locations. That will leave four-hundred-and -sixty- eight stores remaining. Eighty-eight other locations will be converted into Peet’s coffee and tea shops over the next year and a half. Caribou was taken over by a German equity company which also owns Peet’s. These conversions are said to help the chain with long-term growth.

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