Reaction From Dead Student’s Roommate

Tevin Reeves lived with David Braun in Vandiver Hall on the University of Georgia’s East Campus. But he did not know him very well.

“He was a cool guy. But he stayed mostly to himself,” said Reeves.

But after Reeves hadn’t seen Braun since January 10th, he became suspicious. After a strong smell started to permeate the room, Reeves realized something was wrong.

“So I called my roommates, and I was like “Man, something can not be right in that room.  We have to get that checked out.”

Reeves contacted UGA Housing, who then reached out to the University of Georgia Police. Police entered Braun’s locked room, and found the 21 year old student from Marietta dead.

“For him to be in his room was nothing out of the norm, so that’s why we didn’t think there was anything wrong,” said Reeves. “I kind of feel bad that I didn’t catch on to the patterns quicker.”

The student was found around 7:30pm Tuesday night. Police have not determined a cause of death, but they do not believe that they have evidence to suspect any foul play. An autopsy is under way by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and a toxicology report has been requested as well. The toxicology report should take several months to get results.

“He’s our age. Life is short. Its real crazy. It could be your time any time,” said Reeves.

Reeves and his roommates have moved out of their dorm room on the 5th floor.

Reported by Jake Leber


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