Animal Control in Oglethorpe County

Lexington, GA- Oglethorpe county is the only county in the Athens area without animal control. According to Sheriff Mike Smith at the Oglethorpe County Board of Commissioners, his department has handled over 200  animal complaints. Reporter Pauline Villanueva explains what the Oglethorpe County Board of Commissioners is doing to try to get an animal control team. More on the story tonight at 5.

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  1. I am a citizen of Lexington Georgia and very interested in the story covered with Mike Smith in 2014 the of the 200 animal complaints covered by Pauline Villanueva and plans County commissioners have to address this issue. If there is a possible reporter I could speak with in follow up to this story. The issue has yet resolved in our County and we have issues with now rabies control enforcement. We have had in the recent months a rabid attack on a human from a domestic species it was tested positive via autopsy. Since the 2009 mulling deaths of 2 citizens we have yet to see responsible pet ownership, code enforcement and rabies control. I believe there is an additional need for this story to be covered.
    Thank you for your consideration
    Faith campbell


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