Sorority Smashes Scales to Promote Body Positivity

UGA students and Athens-area residents came together Tuesday to raise awareness on eating disorders by smashing scales. 
Delta Phi Epsilon partnered with the organization Scale Smash to hold Southern Scale Smash at UGA’s Tate Plaza. Scale Smash partnered with the sorority because college students are among the largest age group that suffers from eating disorders. The event allowed participants to come and hit scales with bats to signify that weight does not define you.
Andrea Alhadari, the director of Panhellenic Outreach, says, “Being able to promote that self-worth and that self-love here on UGA’s campus, such a big powerful university in the southeast, has been incredible.”
The sorority had several other activities at Tate on Tuesday to raise awareness of eating disorder and the importance of positive body image.
Smashing Scales is holding an open discussion on leading body image and eating disorders at the Miller Learning Center from 5:30 until 7:00 p.m. Tuesday night.


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