Grady Newsource Explains: How to Reduce Litter

By: Nicole Castrellon

This past weekend there was a big football game in Athens, and that is evident by the large amounts of trash that have taken over sidewalks on campus and across Athens. Luckily there are more than a few ways you can reduce litter production and keep the Athens area clean. The program assistant for the Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful program gave a few examples of things you can do to help reduce waste.

If you still want to throw down that beer can here is a major consequence that can happen to you if you are caught littering: you can face up to as much as an $1,000 fine. On top of that dumping more than 500 pounds of trash illegally is a misdemeanor on the first offense and is a felony on the second with a $25,000 fine and possible jail time. If you would like to see any more information on Athens-Clarke County litter ordinances you can go here.

However there are a few ways you can reduce litter and that is through recycling. Below are a few things that are easily recyclable, and a few things that are not.

Recyclable Items.001

non recyclable items.001














If you want more information on other items that you can and cannot recycle you can visit the Athens-Clarke County website.



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