UGA Police Offer E-Commerce Safety Zone

45 murders have been linked to Craigslist crimes as of June 2014 according to Law Street Media.

Whether you are trying to save a few bucks, or snag an item sold out in stores, you might be thinking about using sites like Craigslist to purchase items online. Making transactions with strangers online can be a scam or even dangerous, but the UGA Police hopes its e-commerce safety zone will make these transactions safer for everyone.

Located at the UGA Police Department on Oconee Street in, the e-commerce safety zone is a sectioned off portion of the parking lot with 24/7 lighting and video surveillance specifically designed with online transactions in mind.

Chief Jimmy Williamson says he thinks the extra security will do a lot to deter anyone who might be thinking of committing a crime.

While the police department encourages the use of their e-commerce safety zone, if that’s not a possibility, they encourage you to complete your transaction in another well lit, public place with lots of people around.

For more safety tips from Chief Williamson, watch the video above.

By: Blis Savidge

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