Board of Regents Work to Pass Due Process Policy

State representative Earl Ehrhart (R) is pushing for a due process policy for college students. The representative from Powder Springs spoke at the capitol today. He wants a policy that would allow university-system students the right to due process when facing a punishment from the school. This gives students fair treatment through a judicial system.

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State representative Earl Ehrhart (R) pictured on right

“Due process is a serious issue,” Ehrhart told Grady NewSource. “We need to provide a safe space for our kids. We need to take it seriously.”
This was prompted when the Georgia Tech fraternity Phi Delta Theta was suspended in abeyance for allegedly yelling racial slurs at a student back in August 2015. This means the suspension is in place for a specified period of time as well as prohibiting the fraternity from any non-academic activities unless approved beforehand.

Earhart pressed for the sanctions to be lifted against the fraternity.

“Why can you not lift the sanctions while they are being reviewed? How do you punish an entire group of people for an alleged incident?”

Phi Delta Theta released a statement later that month saying that they were working with university officials to conduct an investigation, but they were still suspended in abeyance by Georgia Tech in October.


By: Jared Sweat


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