Homeless Help Card: Making a Change

ATHENS, GA — Food, clothes, tires, activities, art, and coffee are all included in the Homeless Help Card’s list of coupons from participating vendors in the Athens area.

The Homeless Help Card also serves metro-Atlanta areas and counties in Coweta, Oconee, and Madison.

The percentage of purchases from each card that goes to local charities in Athens is 70 percent, which benefits the homeless population across the country.

According to their website, this organization has raised over $22 thousand for local charities. Beyond financial needs, these business-charity partnerships are beneficial because both companies receive forms of, it raises awareness of the overall cause, and provides people with information for volunteering opportunities.”

Grady Newsource reporter Valentina Urrego shows you how the Homeless Help Card process works by speaking with people associated with the organization and accessing the website herself. WATCH:

By Valentina Urrego

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