Day: May 4, 2016

Mother Daughter Duo Show the Discipline and Joy of Dressage

  Marjolein Geven, 44, is a dressage horse trainer from Eindhoven, Netherlands. She works at Poplar Place Farm to train horses in dressage competition for clients. After competing as a child, she now enjoys coaching her 8-year-old daughter, Tessa, who has an equestrian spirit like her mother. By Ansley Walker

Begin Again Farms serves the community and saves horses

Rhonda Jackson of Harris County, Georgia, started Begin Again Farms nearly 20 years ago. The farm works to rescue horses who have been victims of abuse, starvation, are suffering from illnesses and injuries as well as offers them a place to retire, and works to rehab them for adoption to loving homes. By Savanna Sturkie

KAE Farms, Where Education Meets Passion

Since opening its gates 15 years ago, KAE Farms has expanded from being just a small family farm to a a place where work becomes play. By simply taking classes and getting certifications, Jenny Eckman, her husband, sister, and brother-in-law have expanded their passions into a full fledged business, raising and selling cattle, horses, bees,…

Warrior Outreach: Hope and Peace for Veterans

  Warrior Outreach is a nonprofit organization based in Harris County, Georgia, that relies heavily on donations and volunteer support to provide therapeutic, engaging activities with horses and community-building to veterans, soldiers and their families. Noelle Tiner, the volunteer horsemanship program coordinator, credits Warrior Outreach with having a strong positive impact on her children and…