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Strong4Life helps kids love being healthy

Almost anyone who has visited a doctor’s office has heard the phrase “come see me in six months.” But for people seeking help with obesity, this doctor’s office classic offers shockingly little in the way of guidance. As recent headlines about weight gain among TV’s “The Biggest Losers” make clear, shedding pounds is a monumental challenge and keeping them off is even harder. Neither is going to be accomplished by a twice-yearly doctor’s visit. And because many insurance plans either don’t cover weight-loss surgery or pay only part of the…

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Obesity and Body Image

Few medical conditions are so frequently “diagnosed” by lay people as obesity. Because obesity is associated primarily with a visual manifestation of body weight, even those who are not medical professionals feel that it is easy to recognize an obese person who needs help. “I’ve had significant others tell me I was too heavy in an effort to ‘help’ me,” says Katie Little, an Athens paralegal who has long struggled with weight and body image.  “My ex would tell me I needed to work out more or how disgusting it…

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