Harambe Game Day Buttons

(Photo: Kendall Meissner)















Normally, fans will see buttons on sorority girls shirts and dresses on game day saying their sorority loves the dogs… but this weekend, fans will see buttons that look just a little bit different.

These buttons show the picture of Harambe. Harambe was the Cinicinnati Zoo gorilla that was shot dead after he dragged a 4-year old boy who had fallen into his exhibit. Two University of Georgia girls decided to make these buttons for Saturday’s game.

(Photo: Kendall Meissner)















“You know how sororities and organizations like Miracle and Heros has buttons for game days, well we just thought that it’ be fun to¬†throw these into the mix,” said Harambe buttons organizer Stephanie Dixon.

Well it certainly will be a different look on game days, but who knows if these buttons will be around for the rest of the season.

By: Kendall Meissner

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