Local activist group Athens for Everyone has endorsed candidate Jim Barksdale for Georgia Senate. President Tim Denson, speaking on behalf of the group, said that he agrees with Barksdale’s stances on environmental issues, women’s health, and living wages.

“We believe Jim Barksdale is the best path to bring about a progressive Georgia,” said Denson.

Denson has met with Barksdale a couple of times, and describes him as an honest-seeming and engaged person, and very empathetic with working-class Georgians.

“He was very genuine,” said Denson. “That’s something that’s sometimes very rare when dealing with politicians.”

Athens for Everyone, which was founded a little over two years ago, has endorsed two other candidates in previous elections: Melissa Link for Commission, and John Knox for School Board. Both won their races.

“We’re hoping we’ll make it three-for-three with Jim Barksdale for Senate,” said Denson.

Athens for Everyone invites Athens citizens to come to the UGA Arch on Friday, October 21, at 12:30pm for early voting.


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By:Cameron Crosby



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