Only one fire truck in Barrow County has a ladder, and today, it’s having difficulties. According to John Skinner, the county’s Emergency Services Director, the truck’s engine troubles have put it out of commission for 80 days out of the past year.


The truck was originally estimated to last until 2020, but now the vehicle may have to be replaced much sooner. Chief Skinner believes that the truck may last for another year, but he does not know how much more life it has in it after that.

Apart from a new fire truck, Barrow County also needs new mowers for the Roads and Bridges Department. Commissioners are faced with the issue of whether or not funds should be allocated to the mowers, when other vehicles are also in need of repair — specifically, the ladder fire truck.

The County Commission has promised to handle both issues, but do not know when each will be taken care of. They will discuss in two weeks the best course of action for directing funds to government vehicles.

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By: Cameron Crosby


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