Allen Buckley

buckley-allenPolitical Part Affiliation: Libertarian Candidate for the United States Senate.

Incumbent of Political Novice: Allen Buckley is no stranger to political campaigns, but he has yet to hold office. He is a political novice currently serving as an attorney and CPA.

Experience: As an attorney and CPA, Buckley ran as the libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia in 2006 and Senate in 2004 and 2008.

Major Platform Points: If elected, Buckley will work to balance the Georgia budget and simplify the state tax system by implementing an “algebraic equation tax system.” He supports the Second Amendment and the current immigration law. Additionally, he plans to close unnecessary military bases abroad and bring American troops home.

Major Challenges: Buckley plans to reform and repeal the Affordable Care Act and reform the entitlements system for Social Security and Medicare. In order to accomplish this, he plans to implement a tax reform to balance the budget.

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