Jim Barksdale

barksdale-jimPolitical Part Affiliation: Democratic Candidate for the United States Senate.

Incumbent of Political Office: Barksdale has not been incumbent in a U.S. government office as of yet. The 2016 Senate race is his first time running for U.S. political office.

Experience: Barksdale held several executive positions before founding an investment firm of his own, Equity Investment Corporation. The firm currently manages approximately five billion dollars for clients across the U.S.

Major Platform Points: Barksdale wants to increase the minimum wage to bring more Americans out of poverty. He opposes any efforts to weaken Social Security and Medicare. Barksdale wishes to stop “bad trade deals” to boost the American economy. Barksdale is a supporter of women’s rights and wants to eliminate the wage gap between women and men. He believes in climate change, and seeks to invest in renewable energy technologies that could “create good paying jobs and solve our energy needs.”

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