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Volunteer firefighters in north Georgia rely on donations

RABUN COUNTY, Ga. — In this mountainous northeast Georgia county, a crew of mostly volunteer firefighters has spent nearly a week battling wildfires as prayers for rain continue to go unanswered. The fires in Rabun County, some of which are being investigated as arson, are part of a swath of forest fires across the southeast U.S. that have spewed smoke over Athens and as far south as Macon. Firefighters with Rabun County Fire Services, working alongside the United States Department of Agriculture and fire departments from around the country, have desperately…

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A Burger and a Side Salad

It takes about three minutes to get through your favorite fast food line– and experts say only a extra few seconds will turn your quick meal into a healthy delight. It’s National Fast Food Day! …And Athens resident LaKeisha Fleming is sticking to her fresh, green diet by ordering a large side salad for lunch. Athens Bone and Joint Physician Assistant-C Natalie Moseley says it’s really all about balance: “A lot of times it’s completely about choosing the things you really love and then trying to add some things into the diet that will…

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Addressing Climate Change after the Election

Local environmentalists are concerned that with the recent election of Donald Trump, important climate change issues may not be addressed. That’s the purpose of a panel discussion happening tonight in UGA’s Miller Learning Center Room 148. One panelist, Patricia Yager doesn’t see how anyone could deny the existence of climate change. She also recounts her memory of the arctic and how it has “completely transformed in the last 25 years.” “It’s not the arctic that was there before. I can vouch for that. I saw it with my own eyes,” Yager…

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November 16 Weather Forecast

The smoke is still in the area from the wildfires and is likely continue for the next couple of days. Due to the smoke most of Georgia’s air quality is considered Unhealthy. This means you should LIMIT your outdoor activities. Tonight temperatures will range from the high-forties to high fifties. The smoke will remain throughout the evening. According to the National Weather service the smoke is likely to clear up for a few days around 2 PM tomorrow, and temperatures will be in the mid-seventies. Temperatures will be in the…

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Wildfires in Georgia

Wildfires are continuing to burn in the North Georgia mountains and the smoke from the fires in still drifting down to the Athens area. Michael Becker at the Georgia Forestry Commission said it is likely that this will continue for a a couple of days because of the current and future wind directions. A map on the Georgia Forestry Commission website shows that Athens-Clarke County and the surrounding counties are considered at a HIGH risk for a fire. Some of these conditions include a drought, drier conditions than usual, and…

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BREAKING: Water Main Break

Athens-Clarke County Utilities crews are currently working to repair a water main break. The rupture took place at 124 Beachum Drive this morning, and is expected to be repaired by this afternoon. The repairs and break shouldn’t affect water service to homes on the street. However, residents on Beachum Drive might experience brown water while the repairs are ongoing. Officials say that if you do see brown water in your sink, run your cold water only until the water coming out of the faucet clears up. Then, the water is…

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“Unhealthy” Air Quality in Northeast Georgia

ATHENS, Ga. — Smoke continued to spread across Northeast Georgia Wednesday morning, obscuring the blue sky and causing health problems for people with asthma or lung conditions. In Rabun County, Georgia, the sheriff’s office is investigating two possible arson fires, including the so-called Rock Mountain Fire, which is listed as a “large fire” by the USDA Forest Service, according to Chief Investigator Jack Tanksley. Michael Becker from the Georgia Forestry Commission said that the winds today are west winds. This means that the wind will drift from the west to the east. He…

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Operation Christmas Child Underway

Just a simple shoe box filled with a few toys is changing kid’s lives, with strange as it may seem, a shoe box. Soap, washcloths, and toothbrushes.  Not your average Christmas gift for a kid, but these aren’t your average kids. As part of Operation Christmas Child, the shoeboxes are delivered to children all around the world, children dealing with very adult situations.  Things like wars, poverty, and natural disasters. It doesn’t take much to change a life in those situations. Kaitlin Slunp, who donated a shoebox says”It’s good to…

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