UGA Organization Spreads Love with Water

ATHENS, Ga.– It may seem like a very simple idea, but one student organization is changing the atmosphere downtown with nothing more than bottled water.  That organization, is Hydrolove.

On a typical Thursday night most students are getting ready to go out downtown by getting dressed, but this student organization, Hydrolove, is getting ready in another way. They are getting ready by making notes along with bottles of water to pass out downtown to the people of Athens.

Stephen Drane, a volunteer for the organization says, “I still want to give them a note that says hey, you’re worth something, and there’s someone out there who’s actually thinking about you and caring about you right now.”

The group gathers every Thursday at the University of Georgia’s Tate student center. That is where they begin the night by preparing the waters by cutting string, drawing pictures and writing encouraging notes to the future recipient of the gift.Kaitlin McFarland, who manages social media for the group explains why she is part of the organization, “Just seeing how a simple thought can really make them feel like they are taken care of.”


After all the notes are written, they tie them to the bottles, where they are then packed into coolers. After heading for downtown, they have a time of prayer and then spread out to different corners across the city. As the people begin to walk by, they are offered water, which sometimes leads to conversations that helps to spread the love that much further and build relationships.

By: John Holcomb @mcreeholcomb



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