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Yoga: From Hindu Practice to Western Exercise

Yoga is a $16.8 billion industry in the United States alone. An estimated 36.7 million Americans participated in some form of yoga in 2016, but most likely the yoga they partook in doesn’t resemble yoga’s origins or spiritual roots at all. Yoga is much more than downward dog poses, yoga pants and anything that appeared in box office flop, “The Love Guru.” It is a spiritual tradition that goes back thousands of years, and it’s one of the most important concepts to the Hindu faith. Yoga’s root “yuj” means to unite. According to Nanette…

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American Lunch: Mobile Soup Kitchen Feeds Thousands in Athens

ATHENS, GEORGIA — American Lunch, a mobile soup kitchen powered by 5 Bar restaurant, served over 7,800 lunches in the past year to the needy members of the Athens community. The idea of American Lunch was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as a school project and grew to reach six locations across the Southeast. The organization reduces food waste by repurposing food from 5 Bar to create healthy and “hearty” soups for people in need. Along with serving soup, American Lunch also serves iced tea, water, and bread. “It’s a great way…

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