We apologize for the “God the Mother” video. It was not in our intentions to imply that this church had any connection to human trafficking. There was an incident on UGA’s campus where a student was approached by a group asking if she knew who “God the Mother” was. She filed a police report after the incident. There had been similar events on other campuses of this happening and law enforcement was looking into a potential connection to human trafficking. There was a concern that people were trying to use this “God the Mother” distraction technique on victims, but in no way was there ever a concern that this church was involved. Law enforcement has not found a link between the the church and human trafficking. The intention of the story was to inform people that human trafficking is still a problem and can happen anywhere. In no way were we trying imply that the “God the Mother” church was apart of human trafficking. We apologize and retract the story.

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