Arming Teachers in Jefferson County Schools

A new policy in Jefferson county schools would allow teachers to be armed in case of an emergency.

Dr. John Jackson, the Jefferson city superintendent explains, ” “This is a proposed policy that was permitted by Georgia law several years ago as an option for school districts who want to rachet up, if you will, the security of schools.”

If passed, the teachers would have to go through a new type of training.

“It would give the school district the option of putting school personnels through a very extensive training program under law enforcement”, Jackson states.

Chief Joe Wirthman at the Jefferson Police Department also explains, “We’ll also make our recommendations to the school board. If we feel that person is qualified we’ll make that recommendation, but if not…we’ll say that also.”

Jackson says that this new policy could be beneficial for the school system, “…the situation is what it is so we have to take advantage of what we can.”

Jefferson county will meet May 10th to discuss this possible policy.

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