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Yoga: From Hindu Practice to Western Exercise

Yoga is a $16.8 billion industry in the United States alone. An estimated 36.7 million Americans participated in some form of yoga in 2016, but most likely the yoga they partook in doesn’t resemble yoga’s origins or spiritual roots at all. Yoga is much more than downward dog poses, yoga pants and anything that appeared in box office flop, “The Love Guru.” It is a spiritual tradition that goes back thousands of years, and it’s one of the most important concepts to the Hindu faith. Yoga’s root “yuj” means to unite. According to Nanette…

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Making Consent as Hot as Cocoa

A University of Georgia group is using Valentine’s Day to stress the importance of healthy relationships. Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention, known as RSVP on campus, held their fourth annual Cocoa for Consent on Friday, Feb. 10. The student group usually provides support and resources to students seeking help after experiencing sexual violence, but this event is all about having fun and educating students. “In February, we like to celebrate love and healthy love. Right now relationships are on people’s minds,”  said Nicholas Twinner, who was in charge of this year’s…

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Machines Saving Lives: Taking Cardiac Emergency Aid to the Next Level

Barrow, Ga.- Barrow County Emergency Service’s (EMS) new team member isn’t human – it’s a machine. The department has purchased seven LUCASä2 automatic chest compression devices to give patients improved odds of survival in a cardiac emergency. The machines provide automatic continuous CPR for patients in cardiac arrest. EMS Capt. Heath Williams says that paramedics are trained to continue chest compressions to the point of exhaustion. “Well the problem is when we have a patient in the back of an ambulance, most of the time there’s only two of us,…

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Childhood Cancer Awareness Week: What You Need To Know

It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Week and here are 10 things you need to know about childhood cancer: In 2016, an estimated 10,380 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed. Of those 10,380, 1,250 deaths will occur among those children between birth and 14 years old. Mortality rates for childhood cancer (those aged birth to 14 years) have declined by 66% over the past four decades. The number has gone from 6.5 (per 100,000) in 1969 to 2.2 in 2012. Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in…

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Affordable Care Outlook

Athens, Ga.–  Today, Insure Georgia visited the Athens-Clarke County Library. This organization helps people to sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Healthcare Act, despite President-Elect Trump’s vow to repeal the act. Kate Malone is a healthcare navigator with Insure Georgia. She says the primary goal of this company is to help people sign up for ObamaCare, Peachcare, or Medicaid. She says Insure Georgia will continue to do its job, despite the political question of whether the care will continue. “Well it’s still here and it’s still what we have today….

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A Burger and a Side Salad

It takes about three minutes to get through your favorite fast food line– and experts say only a extra few seconds will turn your quick meal into a healthy delight. It’s National Fast Food Day! …And Athens resident LaKeisha Fleming is sticking to her fresh, green diet by ordering a large side salad for lunch. Athens Bone and Joint Physician Assistant-C Natalie Moseley says it’s really all about balance: “A lot of times it’s completely about choosing the things you really love and then trying to add some things into the diet that will…

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November 16 Weather Forecast

The smoke is still in the area from the wildfires and is likely continue for the next couple of days. Due to the smoke most of Georgia’s air quality is considered Unhealthy. This means you should LIMIT your outdoor activities. Tonight temperatures will range from the high-forties to high fifties. The smoke will remain throughout the evening. According to the National Weather service the smoke is likely to clear up for a few days around 2 PM tomorrow, and temperatures will be in the mid-seventies. Temperatures will be in the…

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Wildfires in Georgia

Wildfires are continuing to burn in the North Georgia mountains and the smoke from the fires in still drifting down to the Athens area. Michael Becker at the Georgia Forestry Commission said it is likely that this will continue for a a couple of days because of the current and future wind directions. A map on the Georgia Forestry Commission website shows that Athens-Clarke County and the surrounding counties are considered at a HIGH risk for a fire. Some of these conditions include a drought, drier conditions than usual, and…

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“Unhealthy” Air Quality in Northeast Georgia

ATHENS, Ga. — Smoke continued to spread across Northeast Georgia Wednesday morning, obscuring the blue sky and causing health problems for people with asthma or lung conditions. In Rabun County, Georgia, the sheriff’s office is investigating two possible arson fires, including the so-called Rock Mountain Fire, which is listed as a “large fire” by the USDA Forest Service, according to Chief Investigator Jack Tanksley. Michael Becker from the Georgia Forestry Commission said that the winds today are west winds. This means that the wind will drift from the west to the east. He…

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Post Election Stress

While some UGA students are joining other groups across the country in protest, there’s one thing they aren’t doing. They aren’t seeking university counseling like students at some other schools. Kristine Groft, a Public Relations Coordinator for the the University of Georgia Health Center, said Thursday that the Center has yet to have students request counseling after the election. Some students  on campus shared how they think UGA students are processing their feelings differently. Brittany Sears, a junior at UGA, says many of the people she knows don’t seek out…

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Oconee County Water Boil Advisory

NOTICE: This is not the same boil advisory from previous weeks. Diana Raber from the Office of Director of Oconee Utilities Department says that a boil water advisory is active for some Oconee County residents on Mars Hill Rd. until further notice. The boil advisory is due to a planned water service outage that concluded at 10:30 a.m. The outage was part of a road widening project on Mars Hill Rd. Residents will be notified by email when the boil advisory is lifted. For breaking updates, follow Grady Newsource on…

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Don’t Let Pinktober Fool You

You can easily see that it’s Pinktober from all of the businesses decked in pink during the month of October for breast cancer awareness. What’s hard to see is where exactly your dollars are going when you give to a cause. According to Breast Cancer Action, pinkwashing is a tool used by companies to promote products that in return are connected to the disease. This is done as a marketing tactic to promote products within certain businesses. The best ways to avoid being a victim of pinkwashing: Give directly Instead…

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