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Mold Update

Athens, GA – Mold has been detected in the Fine Arts Building on the University of Georgia campus. Sources say the mold was found on the first floor room 111 of the building. The mold was found in George Contini’s office located in the Fine Arts building. Prior to finding the mold in the build faculty have been complaining about certain health issues such as; Asthma and Respiratory issues. Reporter Jeffery McNair is investigating this story. Tune into Grady Newsource at five to find out more information.

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Oconee County High School Athletic Director Luis Varela is taking precaution to prevent tragedies of death during athletic competition. Luis Varela thinks unexpected deaths during sports is hard to control even with current physical exam processes. ¬†However, he said that players are not allowed to play or participate in sports if not cleared by a doctor. ¬†He and his team are committed to doing their part in looking out for athletes’ safety. In the past week, a 12-year old from Buford collapsed during a Gwinnett league all-star, basketball game. Last…

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