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New pantries, volunteer efforts target food insecurity in Athens

You’re likely to see more small blue boxes like the one shown above on street corners around Athens. They’re part of a project called the “Little Free Pantry,” which was recently established by the Athens Chamber of Commerce. The goal is to supplement the larger food pantries in the area by setting up small boxes stocked with food and other goods for anyone in need. Volunteers will set up and manage little pantries in more than a dozen locations around town. This brings food and other important goods closer to the people who need them most, according…

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UGA researchers concerned about far reaching effects of climate change

From thick forests to densely packed cities, from open farmland to the seashore, Georgia’s diverse ecosystems are at risk from the effects of climate change. UGA researchers in several departments have been studying the changing climate and it’s impact on our state. Here’s just some of what they’ve learned: cities are warming at a faster rate than surrounding countryside the coastline is receding due to rising sea levels forests are at increased risk from the spread of damaging insects and other pests livestock and crops are being exposed to more intense periods of drought…

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Downtown growth brings new challenges for locals, ACC commissioners

Student housing in downtown Athens is a booming business. In just the past four years, developers have built four massive luxury apartment complexes downtown. Occupancy rates for these new developments are hovering around 90%, sharply increasing the number of people living within the small geographical footprint of downtown Athens. City leaders say this growth brings economic opportunity along with significant challenges for longtime local residents and small businesses. In March, ACC commissioners passed a moratorium on new apartment construction. They hope to examine the long-term effects of rapid growth and develop policies for managing future…

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Yoga: From Hindu Practice to Western Exercise

Yoga is a $16.8 billion industry in the United States alone. An estimated 36.7 million Americans participated in some form of yoga in 2016, but most likely the yoga they partook in doesn’t resemble yoga’s origins or spiritual roots at all. Yoga is much more than downward dog poses, yoga pants and anything that appeared in box office flop, “The Love Guru.” It is a spiritual tradition that goes back thousands of years, and it’s one of the most important concepts to the Hindu faith. Yoga’s root “yuj” means to unite. According to Nanette…

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American Lunch: Mobile Soup Kitchen Feeds Thousands in Athens

ATHENS, GEORGIA — American Lunch, a mobile soup kitchen powered by 5 Bar restaurant, served over 7,800 lunches in the past year to the needy members of the Athens community. The idea of American Lunch was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as a school project and grew to reach six locations across the Southeast. The organization reduces food waste by repurposing food from 5 Bar to create healthy and “hearty” soups for people in need. Along with serving soup, American Lunch also serves iced tea, water, and bread. “It’s a great way…

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Unconventional Small Business Strategy: Athens Skate Shop Gets Creative

Sebastian Uhde is an Athens native and owner of Earthcruzerz longboards. His shop opened last April and has been growing ever since — bringing in new customers like Jesse Conrad. “It was awesome. Sebastian was super helpful and it was really nice of him to make some time,” said Conrad who recently took up longboarding as a way to stay physically fit. But Earthcruzerz isn’t your average skate shop. If you take one step—literally–outside of his shop you’ll see that it operates out of a storage unit. It’s unconventional, but…

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Record Voter Turnout for UGA Student Government Elections

This year’s Student Government Association election at the University of Georgia saw a record breaking turnout as students voted for either the “Rise” or “Ignite” ticket to lead the student body for the upcoming school year. Cameron Keen was elected as the SGA president on the Ignite ticket, pulling 57% of the votes casted. Voting trends saw an overall increase from last year, with 8% more votes cast from the student body. Keen is a Junior from Dublin, Georgia, majoring in political science, international affairs and public relations. He says…

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Long-Awaited Firefly Trail Takes First Steps in Athens

After nearly seven years of planning, the much anticipated Firefly Trail is finally being built. The Firefly Trail, a proposed 39-mile rail-trail, will be constructed along the now abandoned historic route of the Georgia railroad running from Athens to Union Point. When finished, it will be the 3rd longest trail in the state of Georgia. Construction for the first .8 miles of the trail, which will run from East Broad Street all the way out to Old Winterville and Lexington Road, is currently underway in Athens-Clarke County. “Just yesterday the…

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Happy Anniversary: UGA NABJ and Grady Celebrate Black Press

Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President and CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, spoke at Grady College on April 3. Chavis currently serves as head of the NPPA, though he has long worked as a civil rights activist and environmentalist. Chavis spoke about the importance of the black press for all types of media. The event was co-hosted by UGA’s chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists and the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Chavis encouraged all people to read black press regardless of their race, as diversity in journalism…

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ATHENS — Severe storms are ripping through Georgia right now. This video was taken at 12:45 PM today. The National Weather Service has instituted a Flash Flood Warning effective from 12:35 PM until 6:30 PM tonight; a Flash Flood Watch until 2:00 AM tonight. Wind gusts are expected to reach up to 33 miles per hour. Additionally, a Hazardous Weather Outlook has been issued for all of six counties in our coverage area: Barrow County, Oglethorpe County, Oconee County, Clarke County, Jackson County, and Madison County. This “Hazardous Weather Outlook” means warnings…

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Controversial Adoption Rules Blocked in Georgia

As the 2017 Legislative Session comes to an end, the LGBT Pride community celebrates Georgia lawmakers’ failure to pass adoption bill updates. The changes to House Bill 159 would have protected adoption agencies who do not wish to work with LGBT couples.This includes private adoption agencies that are funded by the state. Georgia Unites Against Discrimination has been encouraging supporters to contact senators with this message, “Keep discrimination out of GA adoption laws and fix this bill!” “When you’re saying that it’s reasonable for queer couples to not be allowed…

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