Jackson County Comprehensive High School to implement AP Capstone program

High school students in Jackson County will soon be able to register for an AP Seminar course, which will begin at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year on August 4. Jackson County Comprehensive High School will join approximately 1,000 other schools worldwide by implementing the new AP Capstone program this fall. Originally developed in the fall of 2014, the AP Capstone program is comprised of two different courses called AP Seminar and AP Research. Students typically take the AP Seminar course in 10th grade or 11th grade, and the…

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Georgia’s “Coyote Challenge”

You have six days left until a chance to win a life-long Georgia Hunting license, and help the state get rid of an animal that Department of Natural Resources says is harming wildlife growth begins. It’s called the “Coyote Challenge”.  The event lasts five months, beginning in March and ending in August. Wildlife Biologist, I.B. Parcell says, “In response to some of out hunter concerns about coyotes preying on things like deer and turkeys, especially during their breeding season…we’re trying to be responsive to that and call attention to this…

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Fighting the Drought: New Plans for Water Recycling

New water recycling plans approved by the Athens-Clarke County Commission could potentially lower drought probability to almost 0% according to an assessment presented by the public works department in January. The assessment determined the existing drought resilience of Clarke County and created solutions for the county to become more water efficient in the future. The water recycling plan would in part increase the amount of useable water in Bear Creek Reservoir. Athens draws drinking water from the Middle and North Oconee Rivers as well, but in droughts Bear Creek is…

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Special Needs School Transportation Gets an Update

Oglethorpe County School System will spend their government transportation bond on a new bus in 2017. The bond, worth more than $77,000, will replace one of the school system’s special needs buses, which happens to be the oldest bus in the fleet. Currently, Oglethorpe County owns just four special needs buses that service all of its schools. Three of the buses travel exclusively within the county while another transports special needs students outside Oglethorpe as well. The wear and tear on these buses are exasperated by the county’s size, a…

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A Nosy Neighbor Could Keep Your Home Safe

In the past month, fourteen accounts of theft and breaking and entering were reported near Cedar Shoals Drive on the Athens-Clarke County online crime report. One of the most effective and easiest ways to keep your home safe is to know your neighbors, according to Athens Clarke County Police Department Public Information Officer, Epifanio Rodriguez. Athens-Clarke Police reported 85 burglaries since the start of 2017. The neighborhood between Cedar Shoals and Birch Valley Drive has seen an increase in burglaries. Rodriguez said “most of the burglaries are occurring between the…

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UPDATED:Two Dead in Barrow County Plane Crash

UPDATE: 2/17/7 2:28PM Shannon Ewing of Gwinnett County and nephew Henry Ewing of Jones County are the two victims of Thursday’s fatal plane crash, Captain Ryan Sears of the Barrow County Sheriff’s Department confirms. Their ages have not been released. Terry Williams, the media contact for the National Transportation Safety Board, says the investigation is still in the fact-gathering stage. They are still identifying the cause of the crash, the intended path of the plane, and any possible witnesses of the incident, Williams says. The initial report should be available in a week. ORIGINAL POST: 2/16/17 Barrow County, GA Two passengers…

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Drought Effect on Farms

ATHENS, Ga. — If you are tired of all the rain we have been getting recently, you may not want to wish it away. The reason – is because we still need it.  There may have been an increase in rain lately, but the drought is far from over. Green grass, it’s often taken for granted.  But after a summer and fall like the ones this past year, to farmers, green grass is a huge relief.  It’s made a difference to Madison County hay farmer and cattleman Terry Stephenson, but…

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Machines Saving Lives: Taking Cardiac Emergency Aid to the Next Level

Barrow, Ga.- Barrow County Emergency Service’s (EMS) new team member isn’t human – it’s a machine. The department has purchased seven LUCASä2 automatic chest compression devices to give patients improved odds of survival in a cardiac emergency. The machines provide automatic continuous CPR for patients in cardiac arrest. EMS Capt. Heath Williams says that paramedics are trained to continue chest compressions to the point of exhaustion. “Well the problem is when we have a patient in the back of an ambulance, most of the time there’s only two of us,…

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Update: Calendar Changes for Oglethorpe County Schools

LEXINGTON, Ga. –Oglethorpe County Board of Education voted on and approved calendar option one for the 2017-2018 academic school year. Under this calendar, classes start August 4th and end May 22nd. Fall break is October 9th and 10th with a student-teacher holiday listed as February 19th. There is also a professional learning day on March 12th. This option was most similar to the current academic calendar. A survey was sent out to parents that offered three different options that would affect the Oglethorpe County School System calendar. Here are the…

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Rain today and this weekend!

ATHENS, Ga. — We could see up to 3/4 of an inch of rain today in Northeast Georgia, which would begin to alleviate our “extraordinary” drought conditions, although not enough to end the drought completely. You’ll likely see rain and thunderstorms, some possibly severe, throughout the afternoon today, probably clearing up by 7:00 p.m. Tomorrow and Friday, though, will be beautiful sunny days with a high of 60 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. The rain is great news for Athens’ water supply. While we’re not in any danger of…

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Rainy Road Hazards

Athens, GA. –  August 17. That’s the last day the Athens area saw more than an inch of rain. Now that more precipitation is finally here, you may want to brush up on driving safety in wet conditions. The Georgia Department of Transportation says if you want to ensure your safety in wet driving conditions, be sure to buckle up, turn on your headlights, watch out for slick roads and leave plenty of distance between your vehicle and the car in front you. Athens-Clarke County Police Department Public Information Officer…

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Improved Drought Conditions Due to Rain

Athens, GA. – Today’s rain, and the showers you’ll see tonight and tomorrow will help the drought a little. That means there are still steps you need to take to help conserve water and help ease the impact of what experts call an “exceptional drought”. For Pam Knox, drought conditions are a hot topic. Knox is an Agricultural Climatologist for the Crop and Soil Science Department at The University of Georgia. She is familiar with the severity of Georgia’s current drought. She says it may or may not get better this…

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