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Don’t Text, Just Drive

Morgan County, GA– “It’s my brother’s 22nd birthday, and he passed away 4 years ago…” says Griffin Sorohan as he reflects on the day that changed his life forever. He was just 14 years old when his big brother Caleb was killed when he collided with a truck as he was texting and driving. Now he is old enough to know that his brother did not have to die, and he’s not keeping quiet about it. He, his classmates, and teachers at Morgan County High School are creating awareness to stop…

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Oconee Police Find No Evidence of Autistic Child Being Injured on School Bus, Despite Mothers Claims.

Last Thursday Wendy Majia filed a police report after she claimed she found blood on her son Antonio and one of his teeth missing after he returned home from school. An investigation by the Oconee County Sheriff’s office revealed what happened that school day and on the school bus. 4 years old Antonio just finished his first week at the Oconee County Primary School. However two things made his experience different. He is Austistic and uses a different class room, and when he returned home Thursday, he had a tooth…

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Flash Flood Watch

The majority of Georgia is currently under a flood watch, with only the Northeastern most part, and South Georgia being exempt. Northern parts of the state included in the flood watch are expected to get up to one inch of rain, while the rest of Georgia is expected to get one to two inches of rain throughout the day. We will keep you updated on the conditions during the day, and will provide more detailed information during Newsource tonight at five.

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UGA Fan’s Picture Day Saturday

  You’ve seen them on the field, but now you have the chance to stand side by side with them. This Saturday is the annual UGA Fan’s Picture Day. “I actually really liked it because you go to the games, you seen them playing on the field and you see them on TV but actually being down there with them on the field was actually pretty cool, ” said one UGA fan, Kristin Hash. Leland Barrow at the UGA Athletic Association told us just how special this day is for…

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Heavy Traffic to Remain

  Traffic will remain heavy over the next few months in Athens. The repaving of streets will consist of almost four miles of roads intersecting with Broad, from Minor Street to Gaines School Road. It will cause backups from 7 PM to 6 AM. Senior Vice President of operations, Bill White, stated, “The project is for general maintenance, and there will be no detours during construction, but there will be an officer present each day.” Pedestrians are concerned about safety and transportation measures. One UGA student stated, “Walking is dangerous,…

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Fleas Bouncing Off the Floors and Walls!

That’s what one pest control manager said his tech control guys told him when they walked in a home. The heavy rain is bringing out all the bugs. “All of our clients are calling us like crazy,” Michael Houseman, manager of Houseman Pest Control said. The increase of bugs from summer showers is boosting one business and costing others money. An Athens Realty spokesperson, Barbara Parker, said they have received almost 25 percent more phone calls than usual from tenants needing more frequent sprays. “We have to pay every time a…

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