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UGA Football Coach and Athletic Director React to Former Player’s Death in Fire

MONROE, Ga.,-Former University of Georgia defensive end (2003-2006) and Miami Dolphins linebacker (2007-2010), Quentin Moses, died Sunday morning in Walton County. 31- year-old Andrea Goddard and her 10-year-old daughter, Jasmine Goddard, were also killed in the fire. According to police reports via the Walton Tribune, Monroe firefighters were called to the home on Shamrock Drive. Monroe Fire Chief Keith Glass said the house was “fully engulfed” in flames when firefighters arrived on the scene around 6:05 a.m and the roof later collapsed as the fire department made attempts to control…

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UPDATED: UGA Students Paying Extra (For Eight Years)

ATHENS, Ga.– The biggest fee University of Georgia students pay: $450. It’s one of several additional fees students must pay, but the money from this one does not have a clear cut destination. The $450 fee is known as the “Special Institutional Fee”. But it’s not the only additional fee students pay. Other additional fees include: athletic, transportation, health center, recreation facility, and several others. Those fees go to exactly what they say: transportation, facilities, etc. According to University of Georgia Student Government Association (SGA) President Houston Gaines, those fees…

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Wet Weather Washes Wednesday Walloping

After nearly a month and a half without rain, the storms have finally moved in and soaked all of North East Georgia. Which is great for most of us! Unless you have a once in a lifetime chance to play football in Sanford Stadium Wednesday. Case in point: the UGA Intramural Flag Football Finalists. These talented athletic amateurs have competed against the best of the best that UGA has to offer in flag football prowess to earn a chance to compete for the ultimate prize: The Flag Football Championship. The…

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How To: UGA Alert

Athens, Ga.— An alert system at Ohio State University alerted students just minutes after the initial call to the emergency dispatch center of the school attack. The University of Georgia also has its own alert system in case of emergencies like the one that occurred yesterday at Ohio State. Students, faculty and staff have the access to sign up for an alert system that covers all of the UGA campus. This alert system is called UGA Alert. UGA Alert is much like Ohio State’s Buckeye Alert that sent out an emergency…

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Shredded Shrubbery Sparks Sullen Students Saturday

It was a scene we have all seen too often in Sanford Stadium. With UGA’s narrow lead dwindling in the fourth quarter, Georgia Tech Running Back Qua Searcy ran for a six yard touchdown to seal the late game victory for the Yellow Jackets. As time expired, joyous Tech players stormed the field to celebrate their victory. But the gridiron giants did more than just revel in their victory, they caused significant damage to the field. Players tore chunks of the infamous Chinese privet hedges that have enclosed the field at…

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Addressing Climate Change after the Election

Local environmentalists are concerned that with the recent election of Donald Trump, important climate change issues may not be addressed. That’s the purpose of a panel discussion happening tonight in UGA’s Miller Learning Center Room 148. One panelist, Patricia Yager doesn’t see how anyone could deny the existence of climate change. She also recounts her memory of the arctic and how it has “completely transformed in the last 25 years.” “It’s not the arctic that was there before. I can vouch for that. I saw it with my own eyes,” Yager…

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The Mind of a Hacker: Ethical Hacking

You might use the same password for every account, however experts say that this is one easy way for your server to be hacked. The University of Georgia’s Special Collections Library is hosting lectures this week as a part of Ethical Culture Week. Today, experts explained “The Mind of a Hacker.” According to security analyst Laura Heilman, a hacker hacks or gains unauthorized access to data. Heilman says that there are three types of hackers: white, grey, and black. According to Heilman, the following are qualities of each type of hacker or “hat:”…

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Hungry students get a helping hand

Studying for finals is difficult and any little distraction can throw you off. Studying is even harder if you have to worry about where your next meal will come from. This is the grim reality for many University of Georgia students. With ninety-four percent of students receiving financial aid, Let All the Big Dawgs Eat Food Scholarship helps students unlike any other fund. More than forty-five students get a full one-year meal plan free of charge through the program, which determines recipients via demonstrated need. Thanks in part to a…

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Post Election Stress

While some UGA students are joining other groups across the country in protest, there’s one thing they aren’t doing. They aren’t seeking university counseling like students at some other schools. Kristine Groft, a Public Relations Coordinator for the the University of Georgia Health Center, said Thursday that the Center has yet to have students request counseling after the election. Some students  on campus shared how they think UGA students are processing their feelings differently. Brittany Sears, a junior at UGA, says many of the people she knows don’t seek out…

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Commit To Georgia Campaign Kickoff

The Commit to Georgia Campaign Kickoff Celebration is a special event that allows the campus and Athens community to learn more about private funding and the University’s top three priorities. “We don’t want students to be in a position of having to make a decision: do I go to the University of Georgia or not because I can or can not afford it.” Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations Kelly Kerner said. President Jere Morehead was enthusiastic about sharing the stage with a few UGA students, but he also made…

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UGA: Lowest Fundraiser

The University of Georgia kicked off a celebration for it’s largest fundraising campaign in history: Commit to Georgia. The gathering was to celebrate the success of the campaign since 2012, bringing in nearly $650 million dollars to date. This may sound like a lot of money but compared aspirational institutions, UGA is at the bottom of the list for fundraising. This money goes into something called an endowment. According to UGA’s official website, an endowment is an investment in the future of the University of Georgia. When you use your charitable gift to…

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What Makes A Viral Video?

The Mannequin Challenge is the newest viral video sensation since the running man challenge. Unlike the running man challenge, which involved dance moves, The mannequin challenge makes all participants stand completely still, like a mannequin. Student Emily Mugrove talks about why she thinks viral videos are popular with millennials. “It’s just something fun to do that you can ba a part of,” says Musgrove. What exactly is a viral video sensation though? “A viral sensation is when that video turns into something else and becomes a movement of sorts across the web,” says…

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