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Cold Weather Preparations

Georgia is facing one of its coldest days in decades as the temperature continues to drop. Tomorrow morning it will be a chilling nine degrees outside. The freezing temperature will also be accompanied by a wind-chill factor of negative 45 degrees. The state of Georgia will be under a wind chill advisory tomorrow from 12…

Afternoon Web Update 10/30/13

Athens, GA– Online Anchor Blake Ansley and Weather Anchor Catherine Patterson visit the Okefenokee Oar and give an update on the weather in Jacksonville for the GA/FL game.   Visit us on Facebook: Visit us on Twitter: Visit us on Instagram:

Flood Watch

Weeks of downpour led to a flash flood warning for Athens-Clarke County and parts of northern Georgia. Nearly 1 to 3 inches of rain fell on Sunday. Forecasters predict to see at least 3 inches today. Athens-Clarke County’s Public Information Assistant, Hilda Sorrow, said “even though the heavy rain is still expected, there is no…

Flash Flood Watch

The majority of Georgia is currently under a flood watch, with only the Northeastern most part, and South Georgia being exempt. Northern parts of the state included in the flood watch are expected to get up to one inch of rain, while the rest of Georgia is expected to get one to two inches of…