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Special Needs School Transportation Gets an Update

Oglethorpe County School System will spend their government transportation bond on a new bus in 2017. The bond, worth more than $77,000, will replace one of the school system’s special needs buses, which happens to be the oldest bus in the fleet. Currently, Oglethorpe County owns just four special needs buses that service all of its schools. Three of the buses travel exclusively within the county while another transports special needs students outside Oglethorpe as well. The wear and tear on these buses are exasperated by the county’s size, a…

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Brenda Arrendale: Life of a Caring Bus Driver

Madison County, Ga- Meet Brenda Arrendale, a bus driver for Madison County and a retired special ed teacher. She has been driving her bus for 36 years, and she decided she still wanted to driver her bus even though she retired from teaching because she loves the kids that she drives so much. She has had some of the special needs kids she taught on her bus before, and other drivers asked Arrendale if she was worried and she said no. That’s because she knew her needs and what she needed…

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No Friend Eats Alone on Thanksgiving Thanks to One Man

Reporter: Emily Curl Jack Ansley is the owner of Jack’s restaurant in Braselton. He has owned this place for seven years- and the customers have become more like family. We all have our own Thanksgiving traditions, but Jack has a pretty unique that includes twenty-five of his closest customers. Jack jokes that he feeds “the lazy and the hungry.” He noticed that some of his favorite customers did not have anywhere to go during the Holidays, so he opened up his restaurant to provide a free meals to his friends….

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UGA Transit New Bus App

While some students may play the guessing game when it comes to exams– they won’t have to guess when their buses will arrive.  The UGA Transit System released a new app called Route Shout.  The app allows students to locate the buses and updates them on arrival times.  It’s been ten years in the making.  Ron Hemlin is the brains behind this new product. It was developed in February, but this is the first academic year it will be put to use. You can download it at the app store…

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