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Georgia Bills Seek Special Licenses for Non US Citizens

Two bills in the Georgia State Legislature seek to visibly differentiate driver’s licenses held by non US citizens. SB 161, introduced by Senator Frank Ginn, proposes that non US citizens be issued vertically oriented licenses, while HB 324, introduced by Representative Alan Powell, proposes that the licenses of non US citizens be marked with the term “ineligible voter.” (The bill’s original version suggested the term “noncitizen,” but was revised after being unable to pass through subcommittee.) The bills’ proposal was shocking to immigrants like Ingrid Abisambra, a Colombian and Italian…

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First a Dawg, Now an American Citizen

Dreams can take a month to achieve, a year, a decade or never happen. UGA student Rafael Paz Abromson, from Brazil, achieved what he’s been dreaming of for 12 years. He finally became a U.S. citizen two weeks ago. Abromson has wanted to be a U.S. citizen since he was seven. He was turned down for a green card from the United States Citizenship Immigration Services the first time he applied. “The conditions weren’t right for me for them to accept me,” Abromson said. “They knew if I probably came…

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