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Athens Organization Working to Battle Bigotry

It is 58 days into the Trump presidency, and Tanya Toledo feels that rhetoric from the new administration has increased the presence of bigotry in her day-to-day life. “I have had to encounter some situations where you know people will yell things… it’s just an uncomfortable situation,” said Toledo, a Sophomore Marketing and International Business major from Duluth, GA. In these situations, many young people like Toledo are sometimes left unsure of how to respond to statements they find offensive. That uncertainty is exactly what the local community-building organization 100…

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Immigrants in Athens Fear Discrimination

An Athens woman is afraid she and her son may be the target of discrimination because of recent controversy surrounding immigrants and immigration policy. “America is my home I have children here, I have settled here, I went to college here, but I feel like I could be more targeted. My son who looks like me could be more targeted,” said Athens resident Patty Tacuri, a Peruvian legal permanent resident in the process of becoming a citizen. Tacuri points to policies like President Trump’s immigration ban and Georgia’s own proposed…

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UGA students join the conversation on Trump immigration ban

ATHENS, Ga.—Students at the University of Georgia participated in a ‘March For Immigrants’ last Friday to protest against the ban on immigration posed by President Trump. The event was created by the Muslim Student Association in partnership with the UGA chapter for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Ali Marmel, a Public Health and Psychology double major from Augusta, Georgia, is head vice president of the Muslim Student Association and says this protest will not be the end of the fight. “Going forward it’s continued resistance… that is…

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Election Day Hangover: Remedies and Reminders

ATHENS Ga– How do YOU feel about the results of the presidential election? #themorningafter — Grady Newsource (@GradyNewsource) November 9, 2016   We asked YOU how you feel about the outcome of this election. By the looks of it, most of you aren’t too happy. Some of you couldn’t be happier, and the rest of you– well you really couldn’t care less.   Whatever you’re feeling, there’s a place for you to celebrate, protest, or share your indifference in Athens tonight. For a platform of protest, you can meet around…

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The Peach State Could Now be a Purple State

Recent polls have proved the state of Georgia to bleed purple instead of the traditional GOP red. This is just a fancy way of saying Georgia is a battleground, or swing state. Polls ran by multiple news outlets show that the Presidential Candidates, Donald Trump(GOP) and Hillary Clinton(D) are neck and neck in the Peach State. Although we won’t know the exact results of the election until tomorrow night, a local expert says that we can expect to see changes on the federal level if Georgia does swing to the…

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College Republicans Release Statement on Trump Endorsement

A popular student organization is backing off on its support of Donald Trump. This week, the Georgia Association of College Republicans revoked its endorsement of the republican nominee. I talked to students about the move some may call controversial On Monday, the Georgia Association of College Republicans released a statement, saying their decision came after Trump’s recent remarks about women. The group wrote, quote, “Donald trump, throughout his presidential campaign and beforehand, has made several comments and statements that have offended women, veterans, gold-star families, the disabled, political refugees, and…

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The FINAL debate: Is it worth watching?

More than 20 people are in line at the Athens Board of Elections office for early voting– and the lines have been just as long since Monday, October 17. Athens Resident Jobeth Allen is voting early and will not be watching the final debate. Allen says she “can’t stand to watch Donald Trump for one more minute than [she has] to.” Debate experts are wondering how many people will even tune into the final debate with the early voting turnout being so extensive. Not everyone is able to take part in…

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Grady Newsource Twitter Poll: Election 2016

Are you watching the U.S. Presidential Debate tonight between Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate, Donald Trump?  If so, then take our Twitter Poll, and tell us who you plan to vote for BEFORE the debate. Come back AFTER the debate and tell us if you’ve changed your mind.  Check Twitter for updates on the poll results @GradyNewsource. By: John Holcomb

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Fun Facts for Monday’s Presidential Debate

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and republican nominee Donald Trump will face off in the first of three presidential debates on Monday at 9pm ET at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.  Here are a few fun facts ahead of the debate: Lester Holt will be the first African American to moderate a presidential debate since Carole Simpson in 1992.  Simpson moderated the debate between Bill Clinton, George Bush and Ross Perot. This is the first time a female nominee will be participating in a presidential debate. Monday’s debate is set to…

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Marco Rubio mocks Donald Trump in north Georgia rally

  KENNESAW — Despite an effort to deflect attention from the growing support of Donald Trump, fellow Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio devoted much of his time Saturday afternoon referencing the businessman and party front-runner. “The party of Lincoln and Reagan is on the verge of being taken over by a con artist named Donald Trump,” said Rubio, a senator from to a crowd of more than 7,000 people at Mount Paran Christian School. “A con artist identifies people who are struggling and convinces you that they have something that…

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