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Fighting the Drought: New Plans for Water Recycling

New water recycling plans approved by the Athens-Clarke County Commission could potentially lower drought probability to almost 0% according to an assessment presented by the public works department in January. The assessment determined the existing drought resilience of Clarke County and created solutions for the county to become more water efficient in the future. The water recycling plan would in part increase the amount of useable water in Bear Creek Reservoir. Athens draws drinking water from the Middle and North Oconee Rivers as well, but in droughts Bear Creek is…

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Drought Effect on Farms

ATHENS, Ga. — If you are tired of all the rain we have been getting recently, you may not want to wish it away. The reason – is because we still need it.  There may have been an increase in rain lately, but the drought is far from over. Green grass, it’s often taken for granted.  But after a summer and fall like the ones this past year, to farmers, green grass is a huge relief.  It’s made a difference to Madison County hay farmer and cattleman Terry Stephenson, but…

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Improved Drought Conditions Due to Rain

Athens, GA. – Today’s rain, and the showers you’ll see tonight and tomorrow will help the drought a little. That means there are still steps you need to take to help conserve water and help ease the impact of what experts call an “exceptional drought”. For Pam Knox, drought conditions are a hot topic. Knox is an Agricultural Climatologist for the Crop and Soil Science Department at The University of Georgia. She is familiar with the severity of Georgia’s current drought. She says it may or may not get better this…

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Drought Affects Barrow County

The Barrow County Commission has voted to increase the non-contract wholesale water pricing in Barrow County by 25%. This is a response to the ongoing drought in the area. Barrow County Commission Chairman Pat Graham said that the price increase should have little effect on Barrow County, as all retail water pricing will remain the same, and all contracted wholesale water buyers will also keep the same prices. The City of Winder, which has chosen not to keep a wholesale water contract with Barrow County, is likely the only buyer…

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Your 5-day forecast (Finally, rain!)

ATHENS, Ga. — Strong storms are on the way to Northeast Georgia. They may bring more rain in a week than the area has seen in months. Less than half an inch of rain has fallen on Athens since the beginning of October, according to the National Weather Service. The NWS projects that we could see more than two inches before the end of Thursday. The rains will bring some desperately-needed precipitation to drought-stricken areas. Northeast Georgia is in an “exceptional drought,” according to the United States Drought Monitor. Level 2 drought restrictions…

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Drought may continue to have impact on local farmers

Temperatures continue to increase as we get closer to what should be cooler weather. The rising heat may  affect farmers’ crops. Record high temperatures have had Georgia in a drought for the last few months, and farmers’ crops are being impacted. University of Georgia professor in Agriculture, Joshua Berning, says farmers investments may be hurt. “A lot of them (farmers) are having to harvest early, or sometimes it’s not even worth harvesting and sending it to market. They’re just going to leave it in the field. So it can have pretty dramatic…

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How you can save water during this drought

Athens-clarke county, along with 52 other counties in North Georgia have are experiencing severe or extreme drought like conditions. Laurie Laftin, Water Conservation Specialist of Athens-Clarke Count says, “Our reservoir is full, we predict it will be full throughout the Fall, and we’ve made it through the Summer; the Summer is the most difficult time for us.” Now that summer is nearing the end, the next problem is the Fall. The Fall season is typically a dry one, which is keeping officials on their toes. Pam Knox, Climatologist at the University…

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