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UGA President Weighs in on Halting Bars and Apartments Downtown

The Athens-Clarke County moratorium that was put in effect earlier this month is still drawing criticism from both sides — most recently by President of the University of Georgia Jere Morehead. Morehead spoke out about the legislation at a press conference last Wednesday saying that the city would benefit from a more balanced business environment in downtown Athens. He expressed his concerns and stated that Athens would benefit from fewer bars and more retail businesses. The moratorium put in place acts as a halt to all new development and expansion…

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Oglethorpe Residents Try To Bring Jobs And Services Back To County

Oglethorpe- Oglethorpe County lacks the basic economic services that many people enjoy, such as eating out at restaurants, washing clothes, or even getting a haircut. One couple in the county, Thomas and Dee Pelewski, are trying to change that. They bought a plot of land back in November and now are in the process of developing it to bring more businesses to the county. More to come tonight on Grady Newsource.

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More Supplies Needed to Put Food on the Table for Some in Madison County

Reporter: Emily Curl The aisles in the Madison County Food Bank are getting more and more crowded, but the groceries on the shelves are not increasing with the demand. The Madison County Food Bank has seen a significant increase in people in the community needing help, but a decrease in supplies. Bobbie Rooker, the Director, In 2012 alone, they saw around 900 people. This time in July, August, and September this year they have helped almost 700 individuals. The blame is placed on the economy and the unstable job market….

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