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UGA Football Coach and Athletic Director React to Former Player’s Death in Fire

MONROE, Ga.,-Former University of Georgia defensive end (2003-2006) and Miami Dolphins linebacker (2007-2010), Quentin Moses, died Sunday morning in Walton County. 31- year-old Andrea Goddard and her 10-year-old daughter, Jasmine Goddard, were also killed in the fire. According to police reports via the Walton Tribune, Monroe firefighters were called to the home on Shamrock Drive. Monroe Fire Chief Keith Glass said the house was “fully engulfed” in flames when firefighters arrived on the scene around 6:05 a.m and the roof later collapsed as the fire department made attempts to control…

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Wildfires in Georgia

Wildfires are continuing to burn in the North Georgia mountains and the smoke from the fires in still drifting down to the Athens area. Michael Becker at the Georgia Forestry Commission said it is likely that this will continue for a a couple of days because of the current and future wind directions. A map on the Georgia Forestry Commission website shows that Athens-Clarke County and the surrounding counties are considered at a HIGH risk for a fire. Some of these conditions include a drought, drier conditions than usual, and…

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“Unhealthy” Air Quality in Northeast Georgia

ATHENS, Ga. — Smoke continued to spread across Northeast Georgia Wednesday morning, obscuring the blue sky and causing health problems for people with asthma or lung conditions. In Rabun County, Georgia, the sheriff’s office is investigating two possible arson fires, including the so-called Rock Mountain Fire, which is listed as a “large fire” by the USDA Forest Service, according to Chief Investigator Jack Tanksley. Michael Becker from the Georgia Forestry Commission said that the winds today are west winds. This means that the wind will drift from the west to the east. He…

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Another Day, Another Fire

Georgia Forestry personnel and firefighters will continue to monitor a fire in Athens-Clarke County over the next few days. Firefighters got word of a fire on John Collier and Hale Road around 1:30 pm. The Athens-Clarke County and Jackson County fire units were called, along with the Georgia Forestry unit for the area. The brush fire burned approximately an acre and a half according to Payton Turner, Chief Forest Ranger. He said the cause of the fire is unknown and is still under investigation. “Getting this fire knocked down,” Turner…

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Barrow County Vehicles Need Repair

Only one fire truck in Barrow County has a ladder, and today, it’s having difficulties. According to John Skinner, the county’s Emergency Services Director, the truck’s engine troubles have put it out of commission for 80 days out of the past year. The truck was originally estimated to last until 2020, but now the vehicle may have to be replaced much sooner. Chief Skinner believes that the truck may last for another year, but he does not know how much more life it has in it after that. Apart from a new fire truck, Barrow…

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Fire Prevention Safety Tips

Fall is approaching, and with the season, comes cooler temperatures, and with those cooler temperatures, comes the use of fireplaces and space heaters, and the threat if house fires. To keep you and your family safe, here is what you need to do: Make sure to change the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and garage. Make sure to check the expiration date to make sure it has not expired. Keep your space heaters away from flammable materials Clean and inspect…

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Oconee County Fire Department Wants New Gear

One local fire department hopes to improve the safety of its volunteers in order to improve the chances of saving lives. The Oconee County Fire and Rescue Department is asking for more than $150,000 in extra funds, to update some of their breathing devices. These breathing devices aid the volunteers when they have to go into a fire, battle through the smoke, and do their job. The department currently uses Avon breathing devices for training and first responders, but they are trying to update the devices to new apparatuses that can hold…

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Grady Newsource Profile: Danielsville Volunteer Fire Chief Marc Perry

By Danielle Herman Forty-four years. That’s how long one local firefighter has been volunteering his time to support his community. Danielsville fire chief Marc Perry has been with the Madison county station since its beginning, and has helped bring his service to qualify as one of the finest in the nation. The Danielsville volunteer rescue fire department first met in the city’s courthouse in 1971. Perry has seen many changes since those first early days. “Times change in forty years, you know,” Perry said. “We used to talk about the…

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Five Things You Need To Know: October 29, 2014

Athens, GA – What does it take to be the one person that makes sure the voting process is fair and accurate? Reporter Michael Foo talks with Athens-Clarke County Supervisor of Elections Gail Schrader to see how ACC will make sure each vote is counted accurately in the early voting and November 4th election.   Athens, GA – The ACC police department will host a trunk or treat event today at  the police station from 4:30-6:30pm.The event is free and open to ages 6-12. Cars will be decorated and ensures a safe location for kids to participate…

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