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Parents Struggle to get a Refund from Swim School

Some Oconee County parents want their money back from the Georgia Aquatic Center in Watkinsville. The parents say a disagreement that banned a coach from the swim center last month cost them the program and their money. Coach Sean Gillan ran “Sean Gillan Swim School” for a year and a half out of the facility. Gillan says a disagreement about issues with water chemicals and clarity led to the coach and facility ending their relationship. Gillan says that he had a difficult time working with management, and the situation escalated…

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Community Members Lay Out the Future of Athens

Envision Athens has big plans for the city. Athens-Clarke government and institutions are working with local residents to develop the community in a newly launched project called Envision Athens. Sharyn Dickerson, who is Athens district 1 commissioner, is a co-chair to Envision Athens, Dickerson said the goal is to create a plan that addresses and improves issues such as transportation, housing, health, safety, jobs, and the physical appearance of the community over the next two decades. “Envision Athens is a community-wide effort to develop a community economic development strategy for…

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Affordable Care Outlook

Athens, Ga.–  Today, Insure Georgia visited the Athens-Clarke County Library. This organization helps people to sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Healthcare Act, despite President-Elect Trump’s vow to repeal the act. Kate Malone is a healthcare navigator with Insure Georgia. She says the primary goal of this company is to help people sign up for ObamaCare, Peachcare, or Medicaid. She says Insure Georgia will continue to do its job, despite the political question of whether the care will continue. “Well it’s still here and it’s still what we have today….

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Post Election Stress

While some UGA students are joining other groups across the country in protest, there’s one thing they aren’t doing. They aren’t seeking university counseling like students at some other schools. Kristine Groft, a Public Relations Coordinator for the the University of Georgia Health Center, said Thursday that the Center has yet to have students request counseling after the election. Some students  on campus shared how they think UGA students are processing their feelings differently. Brittany Sears, a junior at UGA, says many of the people she knows don’t seek out…

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Boil Water Advisory for Oconee County

A boil water advisory has been issued to the following areas in Oconee County: city of Watkinsville, Barnett Shoals Road, Simonton Bridge Road and Greensboro Highway. This advisory is due to a severe water main break and interruption of service. The Oconee County Utility Department sent out an email and posted about the water break on social media early Wednesday morning. To properly boil your water, the water needs to be boiled for at least one minute after coming to a complete rolling boil. The Oconee County Utility Department advised that all water…

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7 Steps to take to reduce test anxiety

Exams… Finals… STRESS… the end of the semester is finally here. For many UGA students this is a time they feel anxious, worried and trapped… but what if we told you to stop studying an hour or so before the test. Cheryl R. Varnadoe, who is a state 4-H specialist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, is here to help saying that “a little stress can help you stay alert and ready to do your best, but too much stress can cause exhaustion and make you feel miserable.” Here are…

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UGA Professor agrees that Zika can be locally-acquired

Athens GA- Glen Nowak says that he believes that the Zika virus is capable of becoming locally-acquired. According to Nowak, Zika is locally-acquired whenever an infected person travels to a location where the disease is not found. A mosquito can bite this person and in return bite someone that is not infected by the disease. Here is what you need to know about the Zika Virus according to the Center of Disease Control. Mosquitos do not have the disease, they carry the disease. There are no known locally-acquired cases in…

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The challenges with youth obesity

With hotter and hotter temperatures and summer right around the corner, the urge to hit the gym to get the perfect ‘summer bod’ is a mission for a lot of young people. For some people, dropping those pounds is easier said then done. Weight is an ongoing fight for many of us, but its something that children these days especially struggle with.  This is why there’s a new organization at the University of Georgia called, The Fight Against Youth Obesity (FAYO). The Center for Disease Control says that almost 13…

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No flu for you?

Researchers at the University of Georgia and Sanofi Pasteur, a multinational pharmaceutical company announced today the development of a vaccine that protects against multiple strains of both seasonal and pandemic H1N1 influenza in mouse models. Using a technique called Computationally Optimized Broadly Reactive Antigen, UGA researchers Donald Carter, Christopher Darby and Bradford Lefoley created nine prototype synthetic compound vaccines constructed using genetic sequences from multiple influenza virus strains. Sanofi Pasteur and UGA researchers are set to present their data tomorrow, March 30, at the World Vaccine Congress located in Washington,…

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Making prescriptions convenient for senior patients

If you think remembering to take your daily vitamin is hard now, just wait until you’re older. According to Robbin St. John, a pharmacist and educator at St. Mary’s Hospital, “the average senior takes 10-20 medications per day.” Like the rest of us, seniors can find remembering what to take and when to take it to be a challenging task. Fortunately, local hospitals and pharmacies take this issue seriously. Last year, St. Mary’s implemented a program to educate seniors on their medications and how they work. “When they get a…

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