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Immigrants in Athens Fear Discrimination

An Athens woman is afraid she and her son may be the target of discrimination because of recent controversy surrounding immigrants and immigration policy. “America is my home I have children here, I have settled here, I went to college here, but I feel like I could be more targeted. My son who looks like me could be more targeted,” said Athens resident Patty Tacuri, a Peruvian legal permanent resident in the process of becoming a citizen. Tacuri points to policies like President Trump’s immigration ban and Georgia’s own proposed…

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Watkinsville’s La Parilla participates in “A Day Without Immigrants”

Local restaurant employees who intended to make a statement found themselves the victims of racist remarks last Friday.  La Parilla, a mexican restaurant in Watkinsville decided to close for the day last Thursday after many of their employees took the day to recognize a national protest called “A Day Without Immigrants.” They posted a sign explaining the closure and returned Friday to find the sign covered in racist remarks, including a swastika and messages saying “Trump Train,” “Build The Wall,” and “You Just Got Your Last Peso From My Family.”…

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Undocumented Immigrants and the Election

Election day is here. One of the issues that experts say could impact the results is the Latino vote and the candidates positions on immigration. College Republican, Ben Grayson has a very strong opinion on the issue of undocumented citizens. “In a state funded university, no I don’t think that they should have the same rights to access for education as citizens”, said Grayson. One local expert, Marcus Crepaz, thinks it will take a while for immigration issues to change though. “This is the Obama administration and we are seeing these issues…

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