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Controversial Adoption Rules Blocked in Georgia

As the 2017 Legislative Session comes to an end, the LGBT Pride community celebrates Georgia lawmakers’ failure to pass adoption bill updates. The changes to House Bill 159 would have protected adoption agencies who do not wish to work with LGBT couples.This includes private adoption agencies that are funded by the state. Georgia Unites Against Discrimination has been encouraging supporters to contact senators with this message, “Keep discrimination out of GA adoption laws and fix this bill!” “When you’re saying that it’s reasonable for queer couples to not be allowed…

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UGA President Jere Morehead Addresses Racist Facebook Posts

    Tonight, University of Georgia President Jere Morehead issued an email to students, faculty, and staff regarding the recent racist facebook issues. He says that we are all hurting, but we all need to rally together in support. He officially stated that the UGA Police and Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Facebook and Twitter are working together to fully investigate the situation. Even though he issued these emails, some students are still not satisfied. President of the Black Affairs Council, Caroline Bailey, and Vice President, Terrence Rhodes, say that…

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Cyber bullying at UGA

Reported by Lindsay Tuman The problem goes beyond even racism, cyber bullying is the new way people attack. And because so much of this occurs in a school environment educators are holding a cyberbullying panel tomorrow. They hope to teach how to help prevent this kind of behavior in today’s digital society. Insults, launched with just a few taps on a keyboard. Abuse, blasted all over a screen. Emotional scars, shot with the click of a mouse. It’s a war of words and the battlefield is infinite. “That old saying, “sticks and…

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Another Racist Facebook Comment Prompts Students to Question UGA Administration

  The controversy continues over a series of racist remarks aimed at black students here at the University of Georgia. Members of the Black Student Affairs Council say they are not just angry with the person who posted the remarks, but also with the university. Caroline Bailey, the President of the Black Student Affairs Council, is upset with the way the University handled the situation. Attached in the interview below, she even read a piece of a statement made by Tom Jackson. She says that this is not just one…

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