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Free Coffee for a Cup of Kindness

ATHENS, GA– A new student club on campus is brewing up some positivity. Every other week, the club serves free coffee to students and local residents. There’s a catch. If you accept the cup of coffee you have to promise to perform an act of kindness. Jaren Mendel, a sophomore accounting major, founded Karma Coffee in November of 2015. Mendel explains, “Karma coffee is a kindness initiative on campus, and instead of paying for the coffee with money, you pay for it with an act of kindness.” A bucket of…

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Updated Athens ordinance may affect dog owners

ATHENS, Ga. – Local dog ordinances in Athens-Clarke County didn’t reflect the Responsible Dog Ownership Law until the commission voted on Tuesday night to clean up their local ordinances to match state law.  UGA student Logan McLeod is looking for a dog of her own. She understands the importance of always keeping a close eye on a pet even before her new best friend comes home. “Sometimes they can be pretty unpredictable, even when they are good,” McLeod said. But sometimes dogs can be dangerous, even vicious. The Responsible Dog…

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Top 5 Stories This Fall: Part 1

By: Sam Lack We had many great stories throughout the Fall, but these five topped them all for Monday’s and Wednesday’s: 5. Nick Chubb ACL Injury Explainer Georgia running back Nick Chubb suffered a season-ending knee injury on the first play of the Tennessee game earlier this season. We broke down the implications of his injury and why it was a good thing he didn’t tear his ACL. FULL STORY       4. Back to the Future The popular film Back to the Future celebrated its 30th anniversary in…

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Cyber Monday: Watch out for deals and danger

By Jordynn Abernathy Senator David Perdue warns consumers to tread carefully with their credit card information. Senator Perdue revealed what consumers don’t know about holiday deals in a recent column. Senator Perdue is concerned about consumer data being collected by the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), an agency that collects, monitors and analyzes consumers spending habits. Their monthly data collection poses alarming numbers: 700,000 auto sales, 10.7 million credit reports, 25-75 million credit card accounts and 29 million active mortgage loans. What is the CFPB doing with this information? The answer…

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Local restaurants cook with insects

By: Jordan Mecca Entomophagy is the human consumption of insects and arachnids as food. A common practice across the globe, it has yet to become popular in the Western world – until now. One U.S. trend of 2015 is the use of cricket flour as a food supplement. Cricket flour as well as roasted crickets and chapulines were recently provided to some local Athens restaurants and chocolatiers. Their task is to make a unique dish for the “Insects, Sustainable Foods, and You” banquet on Thursday. One of those restaurants is Condor Chocolates. The…

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