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Board of Commission Madison Profile

Commissioner-Elect Lee Allen was born and raised in Madison. It is believed that he is the youngest ever Board of Commissioners member elected in Madison County. He is a man who wears many hats: farmer, former professional-golfer, golf coach, husband, father, and now Commissioner-Elect. Allen decided to run for office after an issue arose with the dirt road he and his family live on. He believes the best way to make change is to be the person either voting on or writing the laws. Governor Deal already sent over a…

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A Tale of Two Senior Nights

As we get ready to turn our calendars to November, high school football season is coming to an end. For some teams, that means playoffs are just around the corner. For other teams, it means the players will get a lot more free time to spend on homework. Madison County High School and North Oconee High School are both hoping to be in that first category, as both teams are fighting for their playoff hopes this Friday night. But the playoff pictures for these two teams could not be any…

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More Supplies Needed to Put Food on the Table for Some in Madison County

Reporter: Emily Curl The aisles in the Madison County Food Bank are getting more and more crowded, but the groceries on the shelves are not increasing with the demand. The Madison County Food Bank has seen a significant increase in people in the community needing help, but a decrease in supplies. Bobbie Rooker, the Director, In 2012 alone, they saw around 900 people. This time in July, August, and September this year they have helped almost 700 individuals. The blame is placed on the economy and the unstable job market….

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