North Oconee High School Student-Athletes Head to Military Academies

For the first time in North Oconee High School’s history, there are two female athletes who have been recruited and appointed to U.S. military academies. Alexis Shirley, a swimmer, will attend the Air Force Academy in the fall. and Anna Jerald will play rugby at West Point. Swimming has been a part of Alexis Shirley’s life since the summer after first grade and ever since 5th grade, she’s been swimming with AVSC Competitive Swim Academy affiliated with Abington Vale Swimming Club which takes place at UGA’s Ramsey Center. Anna Jerald,…

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Oconee County School Rivalry

There is a rivalry between the two high schools in Oconee County– but it has nothing to do with football. Meet Jenny Major, an Oconee County High School parent who says that some people think one side of the county is better than the other. She also thinks that realtors might be steering families in the direction of the North side of town, which could potentially decrease property values in the Southern end. Callie Waller, a real estate agent in Athens-Clarke and Oconee counties, disagrees. She says that families do…

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GHSA approves spring football game scrimmage

Macon, GA–The Georgia High School Association approved a proposal to allow spring football games between schools. The proposal passed today at the State Executive Meeting in Macon, GA. Under the current GHSA Constitution and By-Laws, schools may hold ten spring practices between February 1st and the end of that school’s calendar year. The new item to the GHSA Constitution and By-Laws allows schools to replace their last spring practice with a scrimmage game between another school. North Oconee High School Athletic Director Michael Dowis says this new scrimmage game could…

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Captains In The Community

ATHENS, Ga – Sports, studies and service. Thats what attracted the Atlanta Falcons to two local highs school football players. Its about being the best Student AND Athlete you can be. And its a big deal. The Falcons only recognize 10 varsity football student athletes each year. Two students from the Athens-Oconee area have been recognized. As you can tell , these are both extremely humble guys. I did ask if the two were falcons fans, and they both smiled and what do you think they said? Of Course. At…

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