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Student Spotlight on the Arts

  The Spotlight on the Arts Festival took place Thursday at Tate Student Center at UGA. Students from all different areas of campus including: Hugh Hodgson School of Arts, Lamar Dodd, School of Dance, and more are showcasing their talents at Tate Student Center. Today is the second of a twelve day festival celebration. “The intention of the Spotlight on the Arts Festival is to just showcase things that already are happening at UGA throughout the year” – Camie Williams, Public Relations Coordinator of Arts in the Provost Office. There…

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UGA: Twelve Day Arts Festival Opens Tonight

UGA’s annual “Spotlight on the Arts” festival kicks off with a “kaleidoscope” of performances, according to the Arts website.       It is called a kaleidoscope because it will show different kinds of art from dance and music to creative writing and theater. The purpose of the festival is to expose not only the UGA community, but also the greater Athens community, to a celebration of art. Through the 12-day festival, the Arts Council wishes to “foster an awareness and an appreciation for arts excellence across the campus,” says Russ Mumper,…

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Google Glass- A Look Behind the Glasses

Athens, GA- This week is UGA’s Spotlight on the Arts. One of this week’s performances will include an ensemble wearing Google Glass. Dr. Cynthia Johnston Turner is conducting the ensemble at 3:30PM on Wednesday at the Georgia Museum of Art. All of the performers will wear Google Glass, including Turner. Google Glass helps the performers see a modified version of their music unique to them. Reporter Michael Foo goes behind the glasses to show you how this performance may bring more than just music to Athens audiences.

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