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Post Election Stress

While some UGA students are joining other groups across the country in protest, there’s one thing they aren’t doing. They aren’t seeking university counseling like students at some other schools. Kristine Groft, a Public Relations Coordinator for the the University of Georgia Health Center, said Thursday that the Center has yet to have students request counseling after the election. Some students  on campus shared how they think UGA students are processing their feelings differently. Brittany Sears, a junior at UGA, says many of the people she knows don’t seek out…

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5 tips for handling the finals freakout

By Katya Riedlinger Finals: is a time where you cram three months of knowledge into multiple three-hour tests. Here are five ways to beat the stress and show your finals who is boss! 1.Sleep Sleep Sleep The University Health Center recommends getting 8 hours of sleep a night. We have heard over and over how important sleep is, but here it is again: sleeping is a top way to combat sickness and stress. So, get those ZZZ’s to be sure you are in tip-top shape for studying. 2.Stretch it out! Don’t forget to relax and stretch…

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