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Active Shooter Training in Oconee County

WATKINSVILLE, Ga.– More than eight law enforcement and emergency management agencies representing North East Georgia gathered at the Oconee County Civic Center train in the event of an active shooting. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more than 200 active shootings have occurred since 2000. The training was part of an “Active Shooter Incident and Management” course. Billy Godfrey, the lead instructor, said the class is all about being prepared. “This class is designed to help responders work together more effectively, more closely, and more quickly to save lives,”…

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Athens Regional Trains for Disaster

Athens Regional will complete its training for mass casualty events, this afternoon in its medical services building. This training is being conducted by the National Disaster Life Support Foundation Advanced Disaster Life Support class. These classes are developed by four academic centers – one of them the University of Georgia. Exercise coordinator Jim Zerylnick says “you can only do so much in a class room, so it helps tremendously to have a realistic area based training, especially on a large scale with many patients”. The exercise will include multiple actors and…

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