National Sustainability Tour Comes to UGA

Patagonia clothing company employees traveled to American University in Washington D.C. on March 1st as well as to other college campuses around the country in their Spring 2017 Worn Wear College Tour. They have teamed up with the Post Landfill Action Network, a student led sustainability organization, in a pursuit towards a world with no waste. Travelling in their mobile sewing shop, they rolled up to the University of Georgia on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Students at UGA were encouraged to bring damaged clothes to Tate Plaza last week where the…

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Athens-Clarke County Health News Northeast Georgia 

UGA Professor agrees that Zika can be locally-acquired

Athens GA- Glen Nowak says that he believes that the Zika virus is capable of becoming locally-acquired. According to Nowak, Zika is locally-acquired whenever an infected person travels to a location where the disease is not found. A mosquito can bite this person and in return bite someone that is not infected by the disease. Here is what you need to know about the Zika Virus according to the Center of Disease Control. Mosquitos do not have the disease, they carry the disease. There are no known locally-acquired cases in…

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International Travel Safety

The UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness had a travel safety seminar today. Here are some of the tips they recommend: download a travel safety app Know where the US Embassy is Be aware of your surroundings watch our for pickpockets or bag snatchers Kelsey Hamilton, one of the students who went to the seminar says “they’ll know you’re a tourist” and that because of this it “makes yourself an easy target”. Amanda L-Hadi, the vice-president of the Study Abroad program says that her best advice for students is to not do…

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