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UPDATED: UGA Students Paying Extra (For Eight Years)

ATHENS, Ga.– The biggest fee University of Georgia students pay: $450. It’s one of several additional fees students must pay, but the money from this one does not have a clear cut destination. The $450 fee is known as the “Special Institutional Fee”. But it’s not the only additional fee students pay. Other additional fees include: athletic, transportation, health center, recreation facility, and several others. Those fees go to exactly what they say: transportation, facilities, etc. According to University of Georgia Student Government Association (SGA) President Houston Gaines, those fees…

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How much do college students really pay each semester?

ATHENS, GA — The Board of Regents announced yesterday that tuition will not increase in the 2016-2017 school year. Many parents and students believe this announcement is long overdue, as tuition rates increased last year between 2.5 and nine percent, per the University of System of Georgia. These semester breakdowns from students who attend colleges all over Georgia demonstrate that extracurricular expenses for a college student are much more detailed and costly than just tuition alone. We talked to some of the students to see exactly what needs and interests are…

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