Denson and Denson face off in Athens mayoral election



Story Highlights

  • Mayor Nancy Denson and candidate Tim Denson are not related
  • Tim Denson is taking a grassroots approach to his mayor campaign
  • Mayor Denson is relying on her years of experience to secure her second term in office
  • The mayor election takes place on May 20

Athens, GA – The Athens mayoral election is less than two months away and the two candidates vying for the position are gearing up for an intense and productive campaign trail!

Mayor Nancy Denson and candidate Tim Denson – no relation – are preparing for an intense election this May. Although they share the same last name, the similarities stop there.

Candidate Tim Denson is taking the old school, grassroots approach: door to door outreach, campaign rallies and street sign holding. Many of his issues focus on making Athens a city for everyone,

“My ideal image of a mayor is someone who does, who puts every bit of energy into making their community better. That’s what I plan on doing here and I want to make the community better, not just for the most privileged, most well connected, but for every individual here in Athens because we’re trying to build an Athens for everyone,” says Denson, a part-time associate for Barnes & Noble.

Supporters for Tim applaud his ability to connect with the entire Athens community and think he’s a breath of fresh air for the city.

Adam Veale, a freshman at the University of Georgia majoring in Political Science, credits Tim’s platform for reducing the poverty rate in Athens for gaining his support.

Veale says, “I think he has a real concrete vision for what he wants to do and all the ideas he has are going to improve Athens and I’m excited to see what he’s going to do as mayor.”

While Tim advocates an Athens for everyone with a focus on the working class, Mayor Denson is leaning on her years of political experience to land her back at City Hall.

“Results matter,” Mayor Denson says, “The best predictor of the future is what’s happened in the past and I have 34 years of very solid commitment and service to our community.”

With little to no controversy and a clean track record, supporters for Mayor Denson feel comfortable with her leadership and welcomes a new term with her.

Local citizen Ben Bone says, “She has done a lot of great things for the community since I’ve been living here and I expect that she’ll continue to do a good job.”

Both participants believe they have what it takes to serve to the best of their abilities in the mayor position.

Candidate Tim Denson wants to make sure the citizens of Athens know he’s not the regular politician saying, “I’m a man of the people, I’m not a politician. The only reason I’m doing this is because I want to help my community.”

Conversely, Mayor Denson is positive her governing body will stand behind her accomplishments and performance in office. She says, “They [Athens citizens] know how I perform in office and they know that if I make a commitment, I follow through on it.”

Though the election is still two months away, neither candidate is showing signs of slowing down. The election occurs May 20.

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