Oconee Police Find No Evidence of Autistic Child Being Injured on School Bus

Last Thursday Wendy Majia filed a police report after she claimed she found blood on her son Antonio and one of his teeth missing after he returned home from school. An investigation by the Oconee County Sheriff’s office revealed what happened that school day and on the school bus.

4 years old Antonio just finished his first week at the Oconee County Primary School. However two things made his experience different. He is Austistic and uses a different class room, and when he returned home Thursday, he had a tooth missing and red stains on his face and shirt. His mom, Wendy Majia was concerned about happened.

“It makes me feel terrible. It feels like I was having a heart attack. You knnow my child, my baby, he’s the older one, but if something were to happen to him, i mean if something happened to any of my kids, it would hurt me, but especially him because he would never tell me what happened,” said Majia.

Majia filed a report with the Oconee County police after she claims the School District’s Transportation department said the school bus video was not working. The Sheriff’s Office completed the investigation and found no injury had occured to Antonio.

“There was no human blood on the shirt. No blood at all. None what so ever. There was no trauma to the face. We’ve reveiwed the entire tape of the bus ride, and no event happened besides the driver putting the child in his seat, and he fell asleep, and wasnt awake until he got home,” said Sheriff Berry.

Sheriff Berry said they couldn’t be certain what the substance on the shirt was, but it was not human or animal blood. He says there is evidence it could relate to possible lunch time items.

Majia says she wants to see the video to make sure nothing happened. She says that the police will bring the video to her house to watch Thursday or Friday.

The Oconee County School District also released a statement saying their investigation showed no indictaion that Antonio had injuries that occured during the school day or on the bus.


Reporter: Ben Bolton

Photographer: Avery Green



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