The Iowa caucuses started today. Residents in Iowa will have the first chance at making their decisions for presidential candidates, and that means we will start seeing the frontrunners that voters want to run for president from each party.

Donald Trump is in the lead by 7 percent for the Republicans, and Hillary Clinton is leading the Democrats by 3 percent. It’s a tight race between Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Grady Newsource has you covered for how and where you can vote when election day makes its way to Georgia.

Here’s the timeline:

Monday, February 1

Today, is the last day to register to vote in Georgia for the primaries in March. You can register online to make sure your voice does not go unheard. Just go to this website, and follow the directions to register to vote today.

Monday, February 8

If you like to do things early rather than on time, this is the day to get your presidential primary preference in because advanced voting starts.

Tuesday, March 1

When Super Tuesday arrives, voting for the presidential primary preference opens in Georgia and several other states. Make your way down to the nearest voting office to choose your primary nominee.

July 18-21

You will see the official candidate who is representing the Republican Party. They will be stationed in Cleveland, Ohio, and ready to announce the official candidate for the 2016 election.

July 25-28

The Democrats will have their time to announce their official candidate. They will be in Philadelphia, Penn.

Tuesday, November 8 

On this day, you will make your final decision on who you want for president.

After you have registered to vote and marked the dates on your calendar, here is where you can vote in Athens, Georgia.



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