3 Quotes from MLC Prostitution Recruitment Police Report

According to the police report, around 8:45 p.m. on Sunday night, two students said they were approached by a woman who needed directions to the MLC. Then, the woman asked if they were interested in meeting her male friend name Enos concerning being prostitutes.

The police report carried more story lines than just two students being approached by a woman in an attempt to recruit them as prostitutes. That fact is concerning, but there are a few more questions that need to be asked about the claims that a man and woman made in order to clarify why they were at the Miller Learning Center.

  1. “Huff also told me that she goes to the MLC to see her son Enos… Huff stated that he was taken from her when he was s baby and that sometimes she runs into him at the MLC and that’s the only time she gets to see him” So, Teresa Huff (40) is claiming that Enosedeba Ivbaze (23) is her son. Got it. However, earlier in the police report Ivbaze claims that “Huff was trying to get men to pimp her. Ivabez told Huff he was not interested in doing this, that he was trying to get a job and back into school at the University of North Georgia.” Therefore, Huff asked her alleged son to pimp her.
  1. “Huff stated that she did not do that and would never do that because she was involved with prostitution in New York. Huff stated she would never encourage females to become prostitutes.” Huff’s admitted to having a past with prostitution which raises concerns that she has experience with it. Ivbaze repeatedly described Huff as “sexually oriented”. The students that reported this to the police were uncomfortable because she asked if they were interested in meeting her friend concerning becoming prostitutes.
  2. Ivbaze indicated that he was barred because one of his friends was looking at pornography on the computer he was using at the UGA Main Library” On March 23rd, Ivbaze was barred from the UGA Main Library. However, he returned to the UGA Campus on April 17th to go to the Miller Learning center. He claimed to be using the computers to look for a job, but MLC computers require a student login so it would be hard for Ivbaze to get access to a computer because he is not a student of the university.


While the police report says that both have been barred from the UGA Campus and Campus transit, it left some odd claims about why the people were even there in the first place. There was a lot of concern about females being recruited into prostitution at the MLC and it raised a lot of questions about how safe the MLC was at night.

Jean Cleveland, communications director of the UGA Library system, states that she believes, “the Miller Learning Center is very safe”, even after Sunday night.


By Morgan Ainslie


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