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Tomorrow is 4/20. It’s a day known in cannabis culture as a day of celebration for everything marijuana. While weed is still illegal in the State of Georgia, you don’t need to have the munchies to feel the savings. Some local businesses are using the day to bring in some more of the legal green ($$$). There are 4/20 themed deals going on all around the classic city tomorrow, including:

Eddies Calzone: 4 calzones for $20

Insomnia Cookies: 6 chocolate chip cookies for $4.20

Mellow Mushroom4/20 themed trivia night and discounted Sweet Water 420 beer

Athens Police Lieutenant Richard Odum, a police officer of more than 30 years, expects it to be business as usual.

” I don’t look for it to be different than any other day. I mean if we were to have a parade of people walk by
smoking marijuana, then we got to do what we got to do, but for the most part I’ve never seen a spike in (marijuana usage) I’ve not noticed this event your talking about, I’ve never heard about it, so I don’t anticipate any kind of spike”.

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